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Using the UnboundID LDAP SDK Persistence Framework

The UnboundID LDAP SDK for Java provides a persistence framework that can be used to easily store Java objects in an LDAP directory server. It uses Java annotations to indicate the way that the information should be stored in the directory, and includes support for add, delete, modify, and search operations. It also provides tools that can be used to generate Java source code from LDAP schema, or to generate LDAP schema from properly-annotated source code.

The entries generated by the LDAP SDK persistence framework are constructed in a user-friendly form that is suitable for use by virtually any kind of LDAP client. That is, the persistence framework does not create lock-in by generating entries that can only be decoded using the UnboundID LDAP SDK. The resulting entries can be accessed using any standard LDAP API, as well as command-line tools like ldapsearch and ldapmodify. There should also not be any need to alter existing data in any way to allow it to be used in conjunction with the persistence framework.

The following pages provide information about the LDAP SDK persistence framework: