The collect-support-data Command-Line Tool

Collect and package system information useful in troubleshooting problems. The information is packaged as a zip archive that can be sent to a technical support representative.

Information collected may include configuration files, server monitor entries, portions of log files, JVM thread stack dumps, system metrics, and other data that may be helpful in diagnosing problems, understanding server performance, or otherwise assisting with support requests. Although the tool will do its best to obscure or omit sensitive data, and the entire archive may be encrypted if you desire, you may wish to review the resulting support data archive to ensure verify its contents. Further, the archive will include a summary of any potential problems or concerns that are identified in the course of collecting the support data.


collect-support-data {arguments}

LDAP Connection and Authentication Arguments

Output Arguments

Data Collection Arguments

Communication Arguments

Additional Arguments

Dependent Argument Sets

Exclusive Argument Sets


    collect-support-data --bindDN uid=admin,dc=example,dc=com \
         --bindPasswordFile admin-pw.txt
    collect-support-data --useRemoteServer --hostname \
         --port 636 --useSSL --trustStorePath config/truststore \
         --bindDN uid=admin,dc=example,dc=com \
         --bindPasswordFile admin-pw.txt --collectExpensiveData \
         --collectReplicationStateDump --securityLevel maximum \
         --logDuration "10 minutes" --encrypt \
         --passphraseFile encryption-passphrase.txt --generatePassphrase \
    collect-support-data \
         --decrypt support-data-ds-inst1-20240618150744.219Z-zip-encrypted \
         --passphraseFile encryption-passphrase.txt